Holiday Drinks


If you are lucky, the house is decorated, presents have been bought and the christmas cards have been mailed. Now it’s time to sick back, relax and enjoy a festive but yummy cocktail. If not, there is nothing like a boozy beverage and some christmas music to get you through gift wrapping and family get togethers. Two of my favorite beverages have always been Margaritas and Apple Cider. As a kid we drank virgin margarita mix whenever my my parents had cocktail parties at the beach (is that weird?). Apple Sider and Sparkling Cider were always served for the holidays in my family too. So the combination of Apple Cider & Margarita – yes, please!

Apple Cider Hot Toddy // Honey Sage Gin Fuzz with Bacon
Spiked Egg Nog // Apple Cider Margaritas

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