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I don’t know anything about sushi, besides that I like. And what I like are CRAZY rolls. Rolls with all sorts of things rolled up inside and neat-o designs on the plate. If you feel that way too (yay us!) then Taki Sushi is the place to go. Located on Logan and E. Bayoud, right next to a liquor store, is a sushi lovers paradise. Every time we go the food and experience has been exceptional. The atmosphere is low-key and friendly and the service is always spot on. Your order a drink, a drink appears, your drink runs out, it’s refilled. Although, I have not tested it out yet, I think this place would be down with some obnoxiously loud SAKI BOMBS!!! I plan to test this theory soon.

Also, my dream is to order so much sushi they serve it on a wooden boat or bridge. I haven’t seen any boats yet but I hope they have them!

Best Bets

Mexican Roll– Spicy Tuna and Tempera Crunch

Sex On The Beach- Shrimp Tempera, Spice Tuna in, top of super tuna white, avocado and caviar

New Wave– Shrimp Tempera in, spicy tuna crunch on top

Of course I always order the house salad and miso soup as well.

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